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Hey hotshots….This blog is there to share ( tell and hear back from you) the stories/techniques to take people from not so fulfilling lives to the lives which are most fulfilling. No moment like present to seize the life and get on with it because if you are reading this post , it means you were meant to do something great. Believe in yourself.

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ToDo Lists: TipSet 101

Do you see your ToDo lists going forgotten with hardly any item ticked?

  1. Break them into as small parts as you can break.
  2. Put tentative times in front of them.
  3. Keep changing them as they each of them gets done.

Do comment if you already follow any of these tips already or have started after reading this post.Also do comment on if this changed your life at all.

When willpower is just not enough

Do you feel unmotivated. Please do get checked for health issues like :

  1. Anemia
  2. Vitamin B12 deficiency
  3. Thyroid issues.
  4. Keep Hydrated.

These are just few examples. I am not sure but I think Blood Sugar also affects your energy levels.

I was such a huge procrastinator that I even procrastinated water intake, Supplements intake.

If you take water and nutrients for granted this is going to affect your life undoubtedy.

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